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Got Some Gophers?

It's frustrating to have a bunch of pocket gophers or moles ruining your yard. A troublesome gopher can chew through the roots of your shrubs, wreck havoc with your lawn and possibly even damage buried utility cables or pvc pipes.

I lived in Minnesota (nicknamed "the gopher state") on a few acres that were adjacent to woods, empty fields and farmland. We had a severe Northern pocket gopher problem. Because of this, I had the opportunity to try and experiment with the complete assortment of gopher control products in order to find something that would deal effectively with this problem.

The most common types of products for catching or controlling gophers are baits, traps, electronics, gas bombs and lawn sprays.

It depends on how big your yard is, how many trouble makers you think you have and what you're willing or able to do. For example, my wife would faint straight away if she had to empty a trap. And trapping takes some practice to learn, so if you think you have just one gopher, I would use a different removal approach.

Although I used them all over the years, I had the best luck using poison pellets that I dropped into the gopher tunnels with a long-tubed, below-ground applicator. It takes a little luck and practice to find their tunnels and place the bait just right, but if you keep at it, you will probably have success as well. You won't know for quite a while whether or not your tactics are working.

Personally, I have nothing against these critters. A pocket gopher is actually a pretty cute little animal. I accidentally locked one in my garage overnight (and he chewed up the bottom of my garage door), but when I discovered him the next morning, I couldn't hurt him — I just ushered him into a box and then escorted him over to a nearby empty field where I let him go. He instantly started to dig a new home there. When they're above ground they look somewhat slow and kind of lost. And whenever my cat catches a mole or vole (you can hear their high-pitched screams), I always make her let them go.

But gophers can create so much damage to your lawn, young trees, plants and anything else that happens to be in your ground. So even though they are kind of cute little critters, most people find that they have to come up with some way of getting rid of them.

When you're out in your yard hunting these guys, just remember to relax, don't take it personally and don't let your pests ruin your day. Although they are annoying, things could be worse.
Good luck — we're pulling for you

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Not sure you can do it on your own? You can hire a pro to come out. A site like may help you find a humane pest control expert along the west coast.

Or you could just call 1-844-819-7282 to be connected to a pro in your area who can handle it.

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