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Poisons and baits are a popular weapon against gophers, voles and moles. Because of their effectiveness and ease of use, they are a good choice for many users.

Advantages of baits:
1. They're pretty easy to use if you have an applicator.
2. If you can get the pellets into the pest's tunnels — they work.
3. If the baits do their job, the critter is already buried. You don't have to empty any traps.

Disadvantages of baits:
1. Other than an absence of new mounds, you don't know if you are eliminating your pests or not.
2. You're working with poisons, so you have to be careful when you're applying them (spilling some aboveground) and storing them.
3. They aren't available for sale in all states.

Some baits consist of pellets that are a uniformed shape. Others look more like a poisoned trail mix of corn and other products.

You load them up into your t-shaped applicator which is a long tube with a handle at the top. The bottom tip can open or close when you move a control at the handle end. When the tip is in the open position, you then turn a small crank on the handle which releases a small amount of product into the ground. You close the tip before you move to the next mound.

Baits were the most effective products for getting rid of the gophers on our property. I would apply a dose into every new mound as soon as I noticed it.

Gradually, over many months, fewer and fewer new mounds emerged while I could eventually rake over and smooth out the older mounds before the grass underneath was totally killed. It took about two years to really control our gophers, but the ground was frozen from November to April, so those months didn't require any effort.

Since you will dealing with a poison, make sure you read the label directions carefully and that you don't leave the container somewhere where children could get a hold of it. Also, please make sure any bait you use goes underground, don't leave anything on the surface that a bird, other animal or child could get into.

Other seasonal backyard pests include fleas and ticks. Once your dog or cat brings fleas into your house, you've got a nasty problem. Thankfully, flea and tick lotions, collars and other flea control products have improved, so if you can commit to applying the right product on a timely basis, you stand a good chance of keeping those pet pests off your dog or cat.

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