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The theory behind these products is that you place a device in your yard that sends out a signal. Your gophers and moles find this sound or vibration to be so unpleasant that they will just decide to move away from your yard and go live somewhere else.

Benefits of using these devices:
1. They are easy to use. You just sink them into the ground and replace their batteries twice a year. Easy as can be.
2. They're humane. You're not actually killing anything, you're just encouraging these pests to relocate to a different neighborhood.
3. If these work and actually drive your critters over to your neighbor's yard, depending upon how much you like your neighbor, it might be kind of a bonus for you.

Disadvantages of using electronics:
1. You can't really tell if they are working or not.

Some people swear these work great, but to be honest, they didn't work so well for me. On one hand, they didn't move my gophers out, but on the other hand, I never had problems with moles in that area again. I guess I would use them if you are having mole problems and probably at least try them to see if they work on your gophers. If they work, they are an easy solution to your problem.

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