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Other Gopher and Mole Deterrents
Other than traps, baits and electronic deterrents, there are some other products that may or may not help you with your underground pest problem. Here are a few of the most popular:

You take your garden hose and stick it into the gopher or mole's entrance, then you attach the other end of the hose to a small adapter which then is attached to the exhaust pipe of your car. You let your car idle for 20-30 minutes and your pests slowly fall into a deep sleep from which they will never wake up.

It sounds practical, but does this theory work? Well, it can work, but the fumes actually have to make it to where the varmint is. It's very possible that parts of the tunnel are closed off to where the gopher is and the fumes won't make it there. Plus, the further you push the hose into the hole, the more dirt starts to plug up the hose itself.

Since the adapter is inexpensive, I would only recommend that you try it for critters that are living close to your driveway but not for the ones deep in your backyard. If you're gonna try this on the backyard gophers, you will certainly provide the neighbors with a Bill Murray CaddyShack moment as you have to drive your car onto your back lawn and leave it idling there for half an hour for each mound.

Ignitable gas bombs look like a fireworks product. You clear out the entrance to the critter's tunnel, ignite the gas bomb, place it into the hole, cover it up so that the smoke goes into the tunnel and then just hope that it works. After a couple of days, just dig up the spent cartridge and rake out the dirt into your yard.

Again, you won't know for a while if you have succeeded in getting your varmint. If the tunnel is blocked off, the gas can't get through. It can be kind of fun to use and it's interesting to see a little smoke rising from your lawn though. They come in packs of five or six, because that's how many you may eventually use for one tunnel.

I like the idea of lawn sprays and spreadable granules. Using your garden hose, you spray on a chemical which changes the mole's main foods from a tasty snack into an unpleasant tasting grub. You can also find these products in granule form, which you apply with a spreader. Eventually the critter gets tired of having an upset stomach and one night moves on (off your property) to find a better source of food.

These products work much better on moles and voles than gophers because gophers live deeper in the soil than moles and voles do. Gophers are also not much interested in eating the grubs that these chemicals affect. Because you may have to apply it more than once and it isn't real cheap, it may not be practical for large properties, but for mole infestations in a smaller area, this product can be a great solution.

Cats are great for catching voles and moles. They'll lay in the tall grass for hours listening for the tell-tale sound of any mouse-like creature. And while cats like to lay across the top of established gopher mounds, it's hard for the typical cat to be able to grab a gopher out of his tunnel at the exact moment the gopher emerges to push dirt out of it's hole.

A friend of mine once suggested that I buy a bunch of snakes to get rid of the gophers. Oh, goody, then I could have a backyard full of snakes instead.

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