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When people first think about methods to get rid of their gophers, traps are often the first option considered. Traps can be effective, but they are also a little difficult to use, plus they take more effort and possibly more time than other methods do.

Good points about using traps:
1. You will see your results. You'll know if you have eliminated a pest or not. None of the other methods provide this visual proof.
2. Traps are inexpensive. You can buy a bunch for very little money and you can use them over and over. Or, I imagine many people discard the traps that are successful, rather than reusing them.
3. To varying degrees they will work.

Bad points about using traps:
1. They are kind of difficult to use. You have to move enough dirt from the entrance to the gopher's tunnel so that you can place the trap flat and level near the tunnel. Then you have to cover the dug out area with a flat piece of cardboard or a piece of rug and then cover that with dirt so that it blocks the light from shining in. The trap itself can't be covered in dirt. The tunnel entrance needs to look like it did before you placed the trap. Then you need to check the trap occasionally to either reset it, empty it or give up and move it somewhere else.
2. You have to remove the dead gopher from the trap. Kinda gross.
3. Placing a trap messes up your lawn more than other methods do.

I think traps are one of the two best options for getting rid of your gopher problem. Because of the holes and mess they make I recommend them mostly for backyards or gardens.

Mole traps are much easier to use than gopher traps. You still have to check them and empty them, but the traps are above ground so it is pretty simple and quick. And they work too.

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